Year 2 Willow

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Welcome to Willow Class

In our class this year we have Miss Skidmore, Miss Rayworth, Mrs Rhodes, Mr kaye and Miss Lowther.

We encourage you to leave your child at the doors every morning so they can be self sufficient and develop their independence.  If you need to leave any urgent messages you can do so with the staff on the doors each morning and they will be passed on.   Miss Skidmore will be available by making an appointment and for informal chats on a Tuesday and Friday after school once all the children have left the classroom.

We work as a team and share the responsibility in keeping our classroom clean and tidy.  The children have ‘busy bee’ jobs each week and take ownership for our maintaining a calm, neat and clutter free classroom environment. 


The children have made their own classroom rules as part of our commitment to ‘Investor’s In Pupils’ as well as a class promise allowing us to work towards a chosen class target.  The children had decided that we would have a treasure chest full of treasures.  When we have collected ten treasures we win a whole class reward that the children have voted for.    The children have all made a personal target for our ‘I can tree’ to aspire towards and this changes each half term. 


Our Class Promise is:

“In Willow Class we keep things neat, We put things back and tidy up,

Using our manners every single day, we follow the rules and enjoy to play.

In Willow Class we are kind, Independent learners and superstars!

Looking after all of our friends, we sit smartly in a patient way”.

Why not ask your child to sing it to you? 


We have a positive attitude in Willow class and aim to become independent, resilient and resourceful learners.  We celebrate when things are hard and have the mantra “We are not there yet?” we strive to be little white mice (problem solvers) and not an Ostrich with our heads buried in the sand.    We help and support each other by being positive and successful ‘learning buddies’, listening and working in pairs to solve problems.


We have lots of rewards in Willow class and each week we choose a super squirrel who then becomes our superstar of the week.  The superstar will get to be Miss Skidmore’s helper for the week ahead receive a medal, certificate and a dip in Miss Skidmore’s special box. Also in our weekly collective family assembly the children will be selected and rewarded for their manners, hard work and dedication so please check your child’s book bag each week as it could be them.

We will be keeping in constant communication through Monthly newsletters, our blog, news updates, homework, assemblies and through parents consultations and training sessions throughout the year.  We look forward to getting to know you all and for you to come and celebrate Willows work with us on a regular basis through ‘stay and play’ sessions and ‘open classroom’ events.


Miss Skidmore has some reminders:

1. PE – Outdoor P.E on a Tuesday and Indoor P.E on a Thursday so bring in your kit!

2. Water bottles should be provided for children to access water throughout the day.

3. Please label your jumpers, coats and pumps.


Thanks for visiting our website

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