Sherwood Christingle

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10 Responses to Sherwood Christingle

  1. farrah says:

    i think the christingle was good.

  2. Joe Hampshire says:

    Really good celebration of christingle a bit sad that I didn’t get to hold a christingle but anyway maybe next year.

    • R Pickles says:

      Exactly! We can’t all carry one each year but we can all enjoy making them and the assembly.

  3. leah :) says:

    “nice” pictures of me up there 🙂 (NOT) 8)

  4. F McDermott says:

    can we have another christingle

  5. chelsea says:

    thankyou for letting me read miss askew

  6. M Askew says:

    Well Done to everyone involved!

    Thank you to all the parents that attended. It was lovely to see you all join in our celebration.

  7. chloe carty says:

    i enjoyed reading thank you miss askew for letting me read

  8. chelsea says:

    loved making them but as soon as i got home with it i ate all the marsh mallows they were yummy yummy for my tummy!

  9. Chelsea says:

    I am so glad that you let me read because my mum and nanna came it was really fun

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