Freddie needs help with maths

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3 Responses to Freddie needs help with maths

  1. G McEwan says:

    Freddie you could keep practising at home and when you come to school you will be able to do maths properly

    From grace

  2. lilly .A. says:

    dont worry freddie iam sure you will find your way of doing your maths.

  3. lillie mae steele brandon lucas steele says:

    I know maybe if you practise partitioning you sum in to ten,s and units i,ll help you this is how you do it i,ll tell you how to do it right now for you so this is how to do it if you are partitioning 22+76= this is how you would do it 202 706 and do 2 line,s under it or you,s a number line!

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