Alice in wonderland

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10 Responses to Alice in wonderland

  1. leah :) says:

    My brother was in that! He is as mad as a hatter! 🙂

  2. R Pickles says:

    Yes he is!

  3. M Smith says:

    My friend Becky was in that play.

  4. chloe carty says:

    when we watched this it was really good i want to watch it again

  5. J Aspin says:

    Alice in wonderland was a great performance.It was also like CATS the musical.I was taking part in CATS.So you guys who did the alice in wonderland show, i just want to say WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. C Phillips says:

    Loved this play

  7. crazy ciara 9 says:

    this was so good well done guys !!!!!!!!!

  8. E Knighton says:

    Cats was really good!!!

  9. Caitlyn sh says:

    Wow I wish I could join in.

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