Maths interviews

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8 Responses to Maths interviews

  1. jordan says:

    i love maths and miss marston is a good teacher

  2. R Pickles says:

    I agree Jordan! I used to find maths tricky at school but Mrs Marston has shown me ways to make it easier to understand and to make it more fun. Now I love teaching maths and I enjoy seeing children make links in their maths learning and make progress. In year 4, we also like using ICT in maths and challenging ourselves.

  3. Joyce Temuna says:

    thank you for sharing our learning miss pickles

  4. R Pickles says:

    You’re welcome Joyce. I enjoy it.

  5. Sophie Hobson says:

    I love maths too!!!!!!!!!

  6. Joe Hampshire says:

    I really like maths especially division word problems

  7. Mrs Marston says:

    I’m so pleased to hear all these comments about Maths. It’s so important!! Joe, I’m really impressed you enjoy division and word problems!

  8. Lillie steele Brandon steele says:

    Maths is good!

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