Miss T

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  1. Miss Rabbits says:

    I love the way your club brightens up everyones day!
    Thank you gardening club for making our school look so beautiful.

    I wonder what picture those bulbs will make… is it a dog’s face?

  2. R Pickles says:

    Is it the school badge?

  3. neve says:

    I think every body in gardening clud are doing a good job making our garden look tidy. 🙂

  4. S Tarrant says:

    Ah your comments have made my day!

    We are now at Level 5 with the Royal Horticultural Society and a real flag ship school for Leeds.

    Well done everybody!

  5. Beth says:

    Everyone is doing great, I think. I miss garderning! The garden is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kelsey t lillie s says:

    we enjoyd it so much

  7. lilly .A. says:

    It looks like fun.

  8. Beth says:

    I love the Mimpin village!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lillie mae says:

    i really loved it.

  10. Miss T says:

    Have you all seen just how much frog spawn is in the pond!!! I dont think there is room for any more frogs!

    Keep an eye out for the tadpoles when they emerge and let me know how many you can see.

  11. lillie mae says:

    I miss gardening club but in the pond there will not be any room for the frogs there is that many tadpoles!

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