Joseph 2011

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  1. farrah says:

    i can still remember all the songs 🙂

  2. leah :) says:

    Me tooo 🙂
    you see

  3. F McDermott says:

    do you think that any body else still knows some of the songs 🙂

  4. leah :) says:

    dunno mabye i bet skye will (well she should) 🙂

  5. leah says:

    8) 🙂

  6. farrah:) says:

    i love joseph wish we could do the play again 🙂

  7. skye shorty :) says:

    Joseph was so good I was dan a brother I still remember my solo ,This was my first play and to be honest with you the best so far of course cats was really good and I got a part I really wanted to but I really enjoyed joseph….

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. skye shorty :) says:

    Oliver is the next play cant wait its a shame because its only 5 and 6 but It is hard !!!

  9. chloe carty says:

    when all the school watched it was really fun wish we could watch it again

  10. Joyce Temuna says:

    that was cool 😀 😀

  11. Elizabeth Hart :] says:

    I am doing Joseph in literacy at school it is fun. Who was Joseph in the play? :]

  12. Skye :) says:

    I loved Joseph, Especially the well whole part . . .

  13. crazy ciara 9 says:

    I love this play

  14. chelsea says:

    you really really don’t know how crazy it felt to be in such a wonderful play and in a production for the very first time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much miss pickles!

  15. E Knighton says:

    where learning about Joseph in year 4

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