Jorvik Trip January 2015

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  1. Lillie mae steele says:

    I loved the Jorvik Viking trip I was really petrified on the ride because the models looked real I learned that in Viking times there animals slept at one side of the house called a long house. And the Vikings slept at the other side in the summer the animals would sleep outside of the long house. The trip was awesome I was in Mr Hemming group.Me and my team were upset when we found out we had to miss the rest of our trip because of the snow in Leeds but even though we left early we still had a nice time. It didn’t really take long to get to York. It was a nice time.

  2. Lillie mae steele says:

    I loved the Viking trip they taught us nearly everything about vikings.

  3. lillie mae and brandon steele says:

    i loved the viking trip. It was on a snowy day.

  4. lillie mae steele says:

    the viking trip was ace

  5. Lillie mae steele says:

    I really enjoyed the trip I learnt loads about vikings.

  6. Lillie mae says:

    York viking center is so great

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