Road safety day

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13 Responses to Road safety day

  1. Sam Barrett says:

    Road Safety Day Was Extremely Fun And We Used The Green Cross Code Which Is: Think Stop Look Listen! I Loved It!!! 😉

  2. robert says:

    I’m in that group

  3. Brooke Croft says:

    I really enjoyed this day and I learned a lot about road safety!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. E Knighton says:

    I like learning about road safty

  5. nikola says:

    wow I didn’t know my work would be published

  6. J Conde says:


  7. nikola says:

    Wow its me!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mrs Mac says:

    Our friends from Leeds City Council will be joining us on Friday morning to see what we learned! Challenge: Can you create a road safety poster or leaflet showing your learning?

  9. jack delamore says:

    that was cool !

  10. E Knighton says:

    We used the green cross code think stop look listen

  11. B Croft says:

    Mrs Mclane I hope you enjoy my road safety poster!

  12. nikola says:

    I did a poster of road safety ahd I copied it out on the computer and rought how to be safe on

  13. B Croft says:

    I liked your poster Nikola it was really good.

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