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9 Responses to cockburnshinedance

  1. phoebe brook says:

    yes i agree that night was our time to shine and we smashed it. i personally loooooooved it and smiled all the way through our performance

  2. bradley says:

    we did good at it and it was fun dancing showing people

  3. Georgia Boyes says:

    I love it and if I must say myself we smashed it.

  4. E Hart says:

    Wow this looks Exciting!!!!!!

  5. Coyley says:

    It was really fun and i speak for all of us when i say we ALL really enjoyed it!

  6. Coyley says:

    It was REALLY FUN What was your favourite part?

  7. keim says:

    When we was at cockburn i really enjoyed it there and i would like to do it again

  8. bradley says:

    my mum looked at me ans she said it was good

  9. bradley says:

    it was good’

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