Danby Trip

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  1. Lillie mae steele says:

    I enjoyed our lovely trip to damby while I was on the bus I liked the beautiful view.i liked investigating the rivers.

  2. Lillie mae steele says:

    I really liked the damby trip I also liked investigating the rivers.

  3. P Nikola says:

    wow you have already 0n a trip we are just going on one on Wednesday the 1st we are going to tropical world to learn about some habitats that animals live in we are going to have some pretty good time walking and seeing some different habitats it will be hot in the butterflies area i will need to take my jumper of .

  4. kelsey says:

    I thought the danby trip was very good when ewe got to go in river
    it was really fun

  5. Lillie mae steele says:

    Yeah we did enjoy it.

  6. lillie Mae says:

    I really loved our trip on our way there were a goat on the road and we saw some heather.

  7. Lillie mae steele says:

    On our way we saw a great view

  8. Lillie mae brandon steele lacey carney says:

    It was the best trip

  9. kelsey douthwaite says:

    I really liked the Danny trip when we investigated the rivers i really enjoyed

  10. bethany says:

    It sound like you had a great time:-)

  11. kelsey douthwaite says:

    Even the trip was ages ago
    I still think that trip was really
    Good because we got to investigate
    Rivers that where there and thank
    You miss Bradford

  12. kelsey douthwaite says:

    Even though the trip was ages ago
    I think that it was really good to go
    There because we got to investigate
    Rivers that where there thanks miss Bradford
    You re the very best teacher and I thought that every single trip that you took us on they where really fun roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet just like you

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